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Our Mission

Mission Statement: We, the Coleman Memorial Park Board of Trustees, are committed to the maintenance and preservation of our community's historic woodland park. We will promote the enrichment of people's lives by providing a place of natural beauty, a place of peaceful inspiration, and a place for varied family oriented recreational activities in an otherwise urban environment.

Vision Statement: To be an ever-evolving board of trustees that is dedicated to ensuring the continuing presence of Coleman Memorial Park. The board of trustees will become an entity that will continually seek ways to maintain the historic buildings and areas, the athletic grounds and buildings, the recreational aspects and entire park. The board of trustees will become an entity that will continually seek ways to better the park for future uses, while maintaining its historical past.


Master Site Plan

The Coleman Memorial Park Master Site Plan was adopted in May, 2011. The planning efforts were based upon the collaboration and cooperation of the park board, the City of Lebanon, Lebanon County, Christ Presbyterian Church, the Friends of Coleman Memorial Park and the community at large. 

This Master Plan lays out a vision for a reinvigorated Coleman Memorial Park; a vision that could be implemented over the next twenty or more years. The Master Site Plan is a roadmap as to how the community would like to see the park developed and preserved for the future generations to come. 

The Master Site Plan document is available for download in Adobe Acrobat portable document format (pdf) which can be viewed online. Viewing the plan online requires free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Meet the Board of Trustees and Staff

The Coleman family, in their Deed of Gift of Coleman Memorial Park to the City of Lebanon, in 1935, required that management of the Park be vested in a Board of Trustees. The Board has grown from its original limit of 5 Trustees to 9 Trustees currently. Trustees, who are appointed by the Court of Common Pleas of Lebanon County, serve lifetime appointments. From time to time, vacancies may occur in the Board of Trustees. If you are interested in possibly serving, please complete the Application linked below and send it to: Chair, Board of Trustees, Coleman Memorial Park, 1400 Maple Street, Lebanon, PA 17046.

     David Schnoke Chairman                   Patrice Royer      Secretary           Gene Long            George Rodriguez         ONE VACANCY

     Bret Fisher       Vice Chairman              Robert Sentz        Treasurer            Karl Skip Wolf       Joseph Morales

We want a ground to which people may easily go after their day's work is done, and where they may stroll for an hour, seeing, hearing, and feeling nothing of the bustle and jar of the streets … We want the greatest possible contrast with the restraining and confining conditions of the town, which compel us to walk circumspectly, watchfully, jealously, which compel us to look closely upon others without sympathy. ... a simple broad, open space of greensward ... depth of wood and enough about it ... to completely shut out the city from our landscapes. -Fredrick Law Olmstead

1400 West Maple Street
Lebanon, PA 17046

Park Hours:

Open Daily from 07:00 AM until Dusk. 

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