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Public Event Hosting


Contact us for availability either by phone (717)228-4401 or email: We ask that you are able to submit some basic information about your event to make determining availability more efficient.  If this is a private event not open to the public no other action is needed.

When do you need a special permit?

Special event permits are required for events open to the public such as walkathons, organized trainings, athletic competitions, festivals, or other activities which go beyond the scope of normal park use. A permit is also required if you advertise the event or if there is a participation fee. If this is a private event, not open to the public, a permit is not necessary. 

If your event is open to the public and once we have determined that we can accommodate your event, you will need to submit The City of Lebanon Application for Permit, Parades and Public Events. This includes, but is not limited to, proof of insurance naming the City of Lebanon and the Coleman Memorial Park Board of Trustees as additional insured and the submission of a Hold Harmless Agreement that will be prepared by the City of Lebanon. If your event will be serving food and drink to the public an application for a one day Eating and Drinking License will need to be submitted to the Dept. of Public Safety. This application is available from the City of Lebanon Public Works Office. Upon approval, we will officially schedule your event. All permits are handled through the City of Lebanon.


The City of Lebanon Application for Permit, Parades, and Public Events must be submitted at least thirty (30) days prior to your event.

Some other things to consider: Inflatables, food sales and food vendors all require insurance and must sign a Hold Harmless Agreement. Almost every event open to the public will require insurance. Allow at least 30 days for permits to be processed. All City ordinances and the City of Lebanon Park Rules and Regulations must be adhered to at all times.

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