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Recreation Overview
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Coleman Memorial Park offers many recreational opportunities for visitors of the park.
Picnicking is a tradition at Coleman Memorial Park. Picnicking is a relaxing and fun way to spend a day in the outdoors. Enjoy a scenic and leisurely walk or jog on the hiking trail where you will discover nature and historical remains of a time gone by. Food and beverage concessions are available at the Ball Field Concession Stand and at the Lauther Water Park offering many affordable and delicious items.

The park currently has three playground areas, four tennis courts and one basketball court all available for walk on play. Four baseball fields are also available. 1 Utility field for general sporting activities such as soccer, flag football, kickball, softball and baseball, walk on play permitted if the field is not reserved. Two little league fields for youth baseball, the upper field must be reserved and the lower field is walk on play if not reserved and one premium regulation field for league use and by reservation only. Visit the "Baseball" page for additional information on reserving baseball fields for organized play.

Nature and Trails

Coleman Memorial Park encourages visitors to explore and interact with nature. The park is home to many native species of birds as well as migratory birds that are passing through. This makes the park an ideal place for the bird watching enthusiast.


More than half of Coleman Memorial park remains a natural forest.  The park contains some of the largest and oldest trees in the state.  As part of the Coleman legacy in the park, we are left with many rare and beautiful specimens of trees and shrubs, planted by the Coleman Family as well as the remains of some of the formal garden beds that once graced the mansions. Also found in Coleman Park; is the European Beech, Umbrella Magnolia, Chinese Toon, the Bottlebrush Buckeye, and Jetbead. There are many more natural wonders left by the Coleman Family for the entire county to enjoy.


Presently the Park has a nature trail that traverses 1.6 miles throughout the park utilizing a combination of off-road trails and existing park walkways. This trail passes through many of these unique floras as well as the historic ruins of the North Lebanon Furnace. 

If you are interested in supporting Coleman Memorial Park's forestry efforts visit the Contribute page on this website. 


Click on link to review Coleman Memorial Park's Forestry Policy.

Historic Remains

There are many remains to speak to the splendor that once graced the grounds of the park - the furnace remains along the south trail, the John Penn Brock garden remains, the Horace Brock furnace "Vanity Wall" and "Exit House", and, of course, the Homestead Carriage House. The Carriage House in particular has long been a restoration dream for decades. The restoration is at the heart of the park's Master Site Plan and in the hearts of those who love the park. It is a very expensive and time consuming proposition, but the possibility as a venue and place to hold celebrations, meetings and enjoyable events is what keeps the hope alive. We invite you to stroll the grounds of the park and discover these cherished remains.

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